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Infinite - Can you smile (Music Box Version)
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INFINITE - Can you smile (Music Box Version)


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(ノ゚ ヮ゚)ノミ  Bubble Pop ❞ ♪ ♫ ♪~

Infinite · Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio · 111024

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myungsoo’s english (  ´ ∀ ` )・・・{ DL }
all cuts from tv asashi’s L special

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뿌잉 뿌잉~ 내꺼 내꺼 내꺼
“Naekkeo, Bbuing bbuing~ Naekkeo naekkeo naekkeo~”
“Mine~ Bbuing bbuing~ Mine mine mine~”

Sunggyu || Dongwoo || Woohyun || Hoya
Sungyeol || Myungsoo || Sungjong
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Nam Woohyun’s insane radio or is it Insane Woohyun’s radio {DOWNLOAD}

Woohyun: Should I turn it on?

Let’s leave, deep blue night~ Throw away everything behind~

Should I play the next song?

Be mine! I love you, okay?

Only if you are here that this is paradise~ 

Protect that woman, so she won’t forget me~

I’m so curious~ yeah~

Dongwoo: That sounds good! 

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Are you gonna hit me? hit me hit me hit me! 

-Jang Dongwoo

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Put on your headphones, close your eyes & relax.

EXO Baby don’t cry ft. Rain&Thunder.

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“I’m lauren. this is joon, I like joon. This is GO. Dayoung, Dayoung like GO. Cheondoong, Leo like Cheondoong, this Mir, I like Mir. Mir really funny. This is Seungho, I like Seungho. Hello…Hello… Bye..!”

“Credit to  from Youtube”

SungYeol - Choding Language
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Ranking King EP4

Choding’s Language O__O HAHAH..OMG..Baby what are you saying? *&$^()$&%^

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L.Joe singing compilation | Download